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How many steps does it take to climb Ahobilam?

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How many steps does it take to climb Ahobilam?

How many steps does it take to climb Ahobilam?

The number of steps required to climb Ahobilam can vary based on the specific temple or trail you're ascending. Ahobilam consists of multiple temples dedicated to Lord Narasimha, each situated at different locations within the hills. The trek to each temple might have a different number of steps and varying levels of difficulty.

For instance, the Ahobilam trek to the main temple, Sri Ahobila Narasimha Swamy Temple (Lower Ahobilam), might involve climbing a few hundred steps, while other Narasimha Swamy temples situated in the Upper Ahobilam region or in the surrounding hills might have varying numbers of steps.

Some Ahobilam temples might require minimal climbing, while others could involve a steep ascent with more steps. The number of steps can also depend on the specific trail or path taken to reach a particular temple within the Ahobilam complex.

It's advisable to inquire locally or with guides familiar with the area to get more precise information about the number of steps and the level of difficulty involved in climbing to the specific temple or trail you plan to visit within Ahobilam.

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